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Re: Frame Buffer Modes - 2nd post

* Kevin Traas (kevin@netmaster.com) wrote:
> Thanks for the post, Eric; however, I've been looking at fbset and I
> haven't an answer to my problem so far.
> The question is:  Using fbset (or otherwise), how do I get back to the
> normal, original 80x25 character console after booting with a kernel
> (with lilo option) that's put the console into, say, 640x480?
> Can I use fbset for this?  Is it possible?

Depends (I think), if you are using the vesafb then you are stuck with
whatever mode you choose at boot-up, if you are using one of the other
framebuffer drivers I *think* it is just a matter of picking the right mode
number to switch to a 80x25 mode whether it be graphics or text, but it will
still be through the framebuffer. You should know that I have only a limited
amount of experience with Linux framebuffers on my laptop using vesafb.

Ashley Clark

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