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Frame Buffer Modes - 2nd post

Hello everyone,

No response on this yet, so I'll post again.  Please let me know if you
can help.


-------- Original Message --------

I'm just "playing" with Frame Buffer modes, etc. on bootup.  Via the
FrameBuffer-HOWTO, I've got it all working great.

One question, though:

Once the system has booted up, how do I return to the old 80x25
character display that I used to have?  I've looked at fbset, etc. and
it only seems to be capable of setting to other graphical modes (i.e.
higher/lower resolutions).  

How do I get out of the graphical mode and return to the original text
mode?  (Without having to reboot.)

TIA for any help you can provide.

Kevin Traas

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