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RE: HP SureStore Dat 8i Driver Wanted

Hi Shurajit,
  We are in the process of putting a user submission database for drivers up
at www.linux-driver.com (a prototype of the site is at
www.mlwebworks.com/tedm )

For now, I recommend you peruse the HW faqs at the red hat site, and the
driver site at www.linux.com and of course don't forget the hp peripherals
driver site.

Apart from the above, if you have basic SCSI support say with an adaptec or
tekram (ncr) support, it is possible there are some third party linux tape
utilities, that aren't hp specific, but will backup or in some cases treat
your dat drive as a disk device (can be slow...) so use keywords of dat and
tape and scsi in addition to hp.  good luck.

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> Subject: HP SureStore Dat 8i Driver Wanted
> Importance: High
> Greetings to you from India!
> I urgently need a "Device Driver" for "HP SureStore Dat 8i
> (C1528K)" for my
> Linux Box.
> Will you please help me with one?  Or kindly tell me where I can
> download it
> from?
> I thank you in anticipation and look forward to hearing from you soon.
> Please write to me at  SHURAJIT@VSNL.COM
> With best regards,

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