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Re: Mouse and XF86Setup

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 11:21:43PM -0400, Steve White wrote:
> I have tried all sensible combinations I can think of in trying to get
> movement out of the mouse while using XF86Setup. I have a Microsoft
> mouse which was identified as PS/2 under Windows, but which I also
> think might be an Intellimouse as I had to disable the Intellimouse
> features under Windows to get Statistica to run. I tried Microsoft,
> PS/2, and Intelimouse for protocols, all /dev/ttyS[x]'s available, as
> well as the /dev/mouse, and /dev/psaux. Anyone have a path for me to
> follow here?
By any chance do you have gpm installed?

If so, then you want to select /dev/gpmdata as your Device with Protocol


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