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Re: X on MS?

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 06:41:30PM -0700, Bart Friederichs wrote:
> Hi,
> While reading a page on X, I was wondering, should it be possible to
> kick out Microsoft's window system and run Windows (??) 98 with X? It
> says it is portable to various systems. Or maybe just the manager. So,
> that I can make Win98/NT look like one of the X windows Wmanagers.
> Just wondering... I am not really wanting to do this, but it might
> give me more knowledge about MSwin, X, WManagers, Desktops etc.

Microimages makes an X server that runs on Windows and Macs (MI/X or
something).  They used to allow free use, but now they charge I think.
It's part of their cross platform GIS/RS package TNTMips (which is very
good, but $$$$). It basically opens a full screen window and runs
something like MWM for the window manager -- so it's not real pretty.  I
don't know if there are other X servers, or free ones for that matter
for windows.  I don't think you could get most Window Managers to run
under windows without special recompilation.  And I have no idea if MI/X
supports the full XDMCP type thingies.

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