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Re: X on MS?

Bart Friederichs wrote:
> While reading a page on X, I was wondering, should it be possible to kick
> out Microsoft's window system and run Windows (??) 98 with X? It says it is
> portable to various systems. Or maybe just the manager. So, that I can make
> Win98/NT look like one of the X windows Wmanagers.
> Just wondering... I am not really wanting to do this, but it might give me
> more knowledge about MSwin, X, WManagers, Desktops etc.
> Bart
> PS
> Or maybe running X on dos ; )??

Yes, both are possible. There are various apps out there that allow
windows and dos to display X windows[1].

see shy jo

[1] I'm speaking about the rectangular things, Brandon, before you get
    on my case over the pluralization. ;-)

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