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Re: MST7MDT timezone broken?

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 04:15:09PM -0400, Touloumtzis, Michael wrote:
> I had a similar experience with EST5EDT on potato, and posted a query
> about it to debian-user (subject: "daylight savings time problem with
> potato?").  My query was met with a stunning silence.  I do see a few
> small indications (such as your query) that something really is amiss,
> but I see no answer to your question in the archive.  Did you get a
> direct reply that was helpful?  Did you open a bug?  Am I dreaming,
> or are some of the libc6 tzone files messed up?

I have as yet received no reply. However, I think there is something generally
wrong with timezones as well. I corrected the system time for daylight
savings, but now CRON is off by an hour. It seems CRON is still on standard
time, and didn't notice the change to the system time. As soon as I get a
chance, I'm going to check the buglist for cron and see if this is an already
known bug.

Something must be wrong with the latest version of glibc, because I didn't
have these problems with slink.

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