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Re: Help!!! Unable to install!

>>>>> "Rong" == Rong Shen <galactic_war@yahoo.com> writes:

    > Hi, I bought the <<Debian/GNU Linux>> by John Goerzen and Ossama
    > Othman, published by New Riders, July 1999, first edition, I
    > think.

    > I could boot from CDROM and thing proceeded smoothly until the
    > step after I finished partitioning and before installing the
    > kernel. It asked me 2 questions: (1) the path in the CDROM where
    > the Debian archive was, and (2) the pathe to the
    > "resc1440***.bin" or some names like that.

    > Well, since I have decided to dedicate the whole hard drive to
    > Debian and I have partitioned my hard drive, I have no operating
    > system to fall back on and no Debian to look forward to. How am
    > I suppose to search the whole CDROM for the right path to the
    > Debian archive and to the "resc1440***.bin" file. The little
    > book that comes with the CD was absolutely no help in this
    > regard. So I terminated the Debian installation and re-installed
    > Windows 95 to get on the net to ask this question.

    > Any suggestions?

You have to get the first CD for Debian.  New Riders packaged the
wrong CD with the book.  Contact them and they will sent you the
replacement for free.


    > Thanks a whole bunch if you can rescue me from this predicament.

    > galactic_war

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