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Help!!! Unable to install!

Hi, I bought the <<Debian/GNU Linux>> by John Goerzen
and Ossama Othman, published by New Riders, July 1999,
first edition, I think.

I could boot from CDROM and thing proceeded smoothly
until the step after I finished partitioning and
before installing the kernel. It asked me 2 questions:
(1) the path in the CDROM where the Debian archive
was, and (2) the pathe to the "resc1440***.bin" or
some names like that.

Well, since I have decided to dedicate the whole hard
drive to Debian and I have partitioned my hard drive,
I have no operating system to fall back on and no
Debian to look forward to. How am I suppose to search
the whole CDROM for the right path to the Debian
archive and to the "resc1440***.bin" file. The little
book that comes with the CD was absolutely no help in
this regard. So I terminated the Debian installation
and re-installed Windows 95 to get on the net to ask
this question.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a whole bunch if you can rescue me from this


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