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Minor errors after kernel-upgrade

Hi Debians
Running Slink, I recently upgraded my kernel to 2.2.14 to
gain a little speed and get rid of SCSI support. I also
enabled sound.
The box is running smooth, but I get a few errors while
1) Some of the very first messages from the kernel are
(according to dmesg):
Klogd 1.3-3#31, log source=/proc/kmsg started
Cannot find map file.
No module symbols loaded.
2) Later, after "mounting local filesystems", /dev/hdc/ is
mounted on /home and /dev/hdd1 is on /usr. Then: SIOCADDRT:
Invalid argument.
3) I compiled support for cd-rom into the kernel; now it
says it can't find the cdrom module, but seems to
acknowledge the drive fine. Do I need to edit some .conf so
that it doesn't attempt to load the module?

Are these errors critical?
Any suggestions on what to do about it?
(The box is rock-stable, but it annoys me anyway, and maybe
I could learn something here...)
Best Regards

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