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Re: ipopd and ~/mail/mbox

this would work for logins, but would this work for POP3 connections?? i
dont think any scripts are executed for them ....


On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Chris Gray wrote:

cgray >On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 01:01:03PM -0700, aphro wrote:
cgray >> I am switching my systems over to using ~/mail/mbox instead of
cgray >> /var/spool/mail/$USER 
cgray >> 
cgray >> i configured procmail to deliver mail to ~/mail/mbox and configured pine
cgray >> to look to ~/mail/mbox but i cant seem to get imapd or ipopd from pine
cgray >> 4.21 to look there. and there seems to be very little documentation on
cgray >> ipopd/imapd.
cgray >> 
cgray >> any ideas? im gonna look into other pop3 packages and test compadiblity
cgray >> maybe qpopper would be better(with my mailbox formatting whatever ipopd
cgray >> uses..)
cgray >
cgray >It could be helpful to change your $MAIL environment variable.  Add the
cgray >line "export MAIL='/home/foo/mail/mbox'" without the quotes to your
cgray >.profile or .bashrc.  Relogin, and things might work better.  Oh, and
cgray >change foo to your username, of course.  It's surprising how many people
cgray >forget to do that :)
cgray >
cgray >HTH,
cgray >Chris
cgray >
cgray >-- 
cgray >pick, pack, pock, puck: like drops of water in a fountain falling
cgray >softly in the brimming bowl.
cgray >

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