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Re: ipopd and ~/mail/mbox

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 01:01:03PM -0700, aphro wrote:
> I am switching my systems over to using ~/mail/mbox instead of
> /var/spool/mail/$USER 
> i configured procmail to deliver mail to ~/mail/mbox and configured pine
> to look to ~/mail/mbox but i cant seem to get imapd or ipopd from pine
> 4.21 to look there. and there seems to be very little documentation on
> ipopd/imapd.
> any ideas? im gonna look into other pop3 packages and test compadiblity
> maybe qpopper would be better(with my mailbox formatting whatever ipopd
> uses..)

It could be helpful to change your $MAIL environment variable.  Add the
line "export MAIL='/home/foo/mail/mbox'" without the quotes to your
.profile or .bashrc.  Relogin, and things might work better.  Oh, and
change foo to your username, of course.  It's surprising how many people
forget to do that :)


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