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Re: fortify does not recognise my netscape

Jan Ulrich Hasecke <juh@pironet.de> writes:

> > The newest fortify deb package (1.4.6-0.1 in woody) recognizes this
> > one, if I remember right, as well as Navigator 4.72 which I use now.
> I have this one installed. And there is no newer one in woody. 

> Is there anywhere a 128-deb version? Or do I have to downgrade my NS?

Versuch mal als root:

    fortify /usr/lib/netscape/472/navigator/navigator-smotif.real

bzw., wenn's der Communicator sein soll:

    fortify /usr/lib/netscape/472/communicator/communicator-smotif.real

Wenn fortify und navigator(communicator)-smotif-472 korrekt
installiert sind, funktioniert das.


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