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gnuplot 3.7, cant compile


I tried to compile gnuplot 3.7 on a debian machine runing debian 2.1r2. It
gives lots of  errors of the following type, on giving the command 

	 make gnuplot_x11.

/usr/local/src/gnuplot-3.7/gplt_x11.c:1697: undefined reference to
/usr/local/src/gnuplot-3.7/gplt_x11.c:1704: undefined reference to
/usr/local/src/gnuplot-3.7/gplt_x11.c:1709: undefined reference to
make: *** [gnuplot_x11] Error 1

Is it that I havent installed a library needed for compiling? Without x11
terminal, it functions alright.

Any ideas ?

Suresh Kumar.R				Email: suresh@mycampus.com
Dept of Electronics & Communication
College of Engineering, Trivandrum - 695 016

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