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Upgrading kernel, scsi cdrom, xcdroast

A few days ago I made a fresh standard install of slink, after that I did an upgrade pointing to frozen my apt-get, which came out very smoothly (only procmail was not found). Any way, after having upgraded I decided to upgrade my kernel also, so I did "apt-get -f install kernel-source-2.2.14", run bz2cat, make menuconfig, make dep, make bzImage, make bzlilo(?-quoting from memory, followed instructions in kernel howto), make bzdisk.
The problem: uname -a shows kernel 2.2.14, but despite making sure that SCSI generic support was added for CDroms, when I run xcdroast it tells me that my kernel does not have scsi support.
Where is the mistake?
Also, what would be a better way, more debian-like, of creating my own kernel image? I found make-kpkg somehow more difficult than the method outlined in the howto.

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