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Re: Set user ID on execution

man 2 chmod

Brian Clark <brianj@ais.ais-gwd.com> wrote:

: Greetings,

: Following my problem with su earlier last week, I figured I'd better get a 
: refresher on permissions before I really get myself in trouble.

: I guess I never knew what the "s" was for in:

: -rwsr-xr-x

: I checked out `info chmod' and various other places, including a few books 
: I have and came up empty on what the plain-english meaning of `4000 Set 
: user ID on execution' means. I checked the archives and only came up with 
: answers to the same question that consisted solely of "s - Set user ID or 
: group ID on execution," but NOT what difference this makes.

: Can anyone explain this to me in plain english? Like, what the difference 
: is between chmod 4750 and  chmod 750 -- and how it effects the files' 
: execution?

: All I have known is that for binaries I want to restrict access to, I have 
: always chgrp special_group special_files and chmod 4750 special_files.

: My fingers are obviously dangerous things..

: Thanks,

: Brian

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