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Re: Switching to console makes X run amok

Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> Hi!
> It is a minor problem, because I very seldom use the console, but then
> it is annoying. When I switch from X to console via Ctrl-Alt-F1 I
> cannot switch back with Ctrl-Alt-F7. Hitting C-A-F7 the screen remains
> black an the Keyboard is dead. It is only possible to log in remotely
> and kill the xserver.
> With top I found out, that when I switch to console my X-server in the
> background runs amok, using 99% of the CPU.
> I have no other problem with X on my machine. Does anyone encountered
> the same problem?


Are you sure X is running on VC #7? I seem to vaguely remember a weird
situation once where I did a ctrl-alt-F7 and got a black screen, then
for whatever reason I did a ctrl-alt-F8 and Bing! there was X.

This is probably not your problem, since you mention that X is chewing
up 99% of the CPU, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

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