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Re: ipmasq and howto

> Hmm; the actual emphasis lies on "connections which are currently
> masqueraded".  The word "open" was filled-in for you by your
> already-existing understanding of what's going on; it's not present in the
> text I was poring over and that you've quoted.  
> My understanding had reached this far:  "Routes exist when no traffic is
> moving on them; therefore 'currently masqueraded connections' could mean
> 'those pathways I've indicated in a masquerading rule, whether there's
> traffic on them right now or not'."
a connection is something open, it needs (at least) two (active) ends. 
otherwise it is only a route. a masq rule is (kind of) a route.

> Thank you for helping clarify the distinction.
no problem. sorry for the harsh tone. maybe, i assumed too much knowledge

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