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Re: Help with module problems on Upgrade to 2.1

Gregory Guthrie <guthrie@mum.edu> writes:
> At 12:11 PM 04/01/2000 -0400, Bob Hilliard wrote:
> >Gregory Guthrie <guthrie@mum.edu> writes:
> > > Bob, thanks for the help.
> >- again!
> > > But, how does one probe into the details of:
> > >    "subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status"?
> >
> >      You can look at the prerm script with `less
> >/var/lib/dpkg/info/samba.prerm'.  If you can see a line in the script
> >that appears to be causing the problem, you can comment it out.  If
> >you can't see the cause of the problem, you could insert `exit 0' at
> >the top of the script.  Then try `dpkg --force-depends -r samba'
> >again.
> -- I checked the file, and found out that the problem is (was) that the 
> pre-rm script was trying to stop two daemons, neither of which was running, 
> so it would exit(1), and nothing else would work. This seems like an 
> install error to me, if the daemons are not running it is OK to remove it.
> Anyway, I added the -oknodo to the stop commands, and then it removed fine. 
> But now I cannot re-install it.
> Then, dselect to install samba reports that there is a dependency problem,
> that Samba depends on libpam0 (>=0.56-1)
> but libpam0 does not exist.
> (I am using a 2.1 CDROM)

     It sounds like the samba on the CD has bad dependencies, or the
library versions changed between when that samba was built and when
the CD was made.

     I think your best bet is to download the current slink version of
samba.  At the present, that is 2.0.5a-1.  It depends on samba-common
and libc6. 

     The apt-get update messages you quote indicate you have
http.us.debian.org in sources.list, but you say you are using the 2.1
CD.  If you have the mirror in /etc/apt/sources.list, and are still on
line when you do apt-get install samba, apt should download samba and
samba-common, and then install them.  Since you have removed the old
samba, apt-get update would not retrieve the samba packages.

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