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Re: Error compiling kdenetwork-1.1.2

I'm not recompiling the entire system. I recompiled the kernel (optimized for
pentium and reduced the kernel from 700+ to 433 [no scsi devices]). I'm fairly
certain the Debian KDE binaries are compiled to the lowest common denominator
(386, someone correct me if I'm wrong) and the binaries generally include debug
and exceptions code). I'm compiling the generic source code downloaded from
one of the KDE mirror sites (bz2). The compile isn't that bad, on my 100 MHz
pentium with 40 Mb RAM, the modules take anwhere from 30 minutes to an hour
each. Note that I'm using the O2 and -mpentium flags which does slow compiling
but results in a more optimized binary. I've asked myself the same question
about taking full advantage of available hardware. Just that pesky kdenetwork
(and I *need* kppp and kmail)...Bill

 --  Bill Caskey

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