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Newbie Admin: Query about xconsole output

I sent this to the debian-security list earlier today, but perhaps
this is a better forum for the inquiry?

Good morning, all...  I expect that this is the correct forum for
this question, but if not, please point me in the right direction?

I am working my way through an implementation of David Ranch's
TrinityOs installation, with my own modifications for Debian.
After locking down inet.d, and implementing a strong rc.firewall
(similar to the one used in the IPCHAINS Howto), I have been
receiving the following xconsole output fairly regularly:


Mar 27 09:49:20 trinos in.qpopper[26080]: connect from bran
Mar 27 09:49:20 trinos tcplogd: pop-3 connection attempt from unknown@bran [] Mar 27 09:50:20 trinos icmplogd: destination unreachable from trinos []


My network infrastructure looks like this:

        |- (External LAN)
        | |- (External TrinOS Interface)-|
        | |                                             |
        |-|     {trinos}                                |
        | |                                             |
        | |- (Internal TrinOS Interface) -|
        |- (Internal LAN)

I have an external machine (bran, checking POP e-mail
every few minutes, but why does the above resemble an error message?  Do
I have something incorrectly configured (within the rc.firewall?), or am
I misreading this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Aaron Heisler			"My restraint upon your rights
				 is your restraint upon mine."
ICQ: 9014802			- Aaron Heisler

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