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Threads under linux

I am looking to use threads for programing under linux. Is there any
tutorial on the subject, or can anyone recomand me a book, or pointers to
the library rutines so I have  place to start? ( I have previous exprience
with threads under windows, so I don't need  something to start me from
I saw the pthread_... function calls. Are these the native calls for

Also, if someone can tell me, are these kernel level threads or user level
thread? that is, will calling locking system calls (read, write etc) lock
up the entire system like in sunOS or does it perform like in windows
where only the thread blocks?

What are the locking fasilities? is, mutex, semaphore, critical section
etc. evailable under linux?

Is there a library that emulates the sunOS LWP (lightweight process )
library? I wan't to develop for the sunOS at home on my linux machine (I
need to write an exercise for university, and i don't feel like sitting in
the computer room for that).

Thank you

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