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Deploying Hotmail-like service with crazy requirements

Wonder if anyone has experience with very high-volume web-to-mail
services, or just have any recommendations at all. We are going to be
working on a 100,000 user web-to-mail gateway system similar to Hotmail.
Every user will have a 50 MB mailbox. At this point this is a one-person
job, and quite frankly I don't know where to start since so little
information on these types of systems is available. First, can this be done with Linux at all (meaning will it scale well)? How can this be done? What software/hardware needs to be employed. The ISP's RADIUS database is stored in MS SQL 7.0 database, so the users will have to be authenticated against it in order to be allowed to send/receive mail via a web-client running on Linux box/boxes. No local accounts on the mail cluster will be permitted. Please let me know if you have any clue what so ever on these issues. Anything will be greately appreciated. Sorry if this message is a little off-topic, but since it has to be deployed on Linux I hope this will prove to be a nice thread.


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