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Re: gshutdown for non­root users? / gdm blank screen

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 02:18:14PM +0100, Dr. Michael R. Semple wrote:
> Anyway, to my questions: I wanted to allow my family to shutdown the
> computer without giving them the root password.  At first I installed
> sudo and set it up so that they could type "sudo shutdown -h now" at
> the command line.  Then I noticed that the gnome-utils package
> includes "gshutdown".  I can find no documentation, so was wondering
> where I could configure it so that certain persons could call it
> without being root.  Any ideas would be most welcome!

Well most users (in my oppinion) prefer the 'point and click' method. If you
change the following line in /etc/gdm.conf everybody will be able to shutdown
the computer from the login screen. The line is in:
SystemMenu=1    <--- change this from 0

> My second question concerns gdm.  I've set things up within Gnome so
> that the screen turns on a screensaver after 10 minutes and then
> enters powersaving mode after another 20.  The only problem is that
> the users generally log out before leaving the computer.  In this
> state, with the gdm login dialogue showing, the screen does not enter
> powersave mode.  Is there any way to enable shutting down the console
> monitor?

Gdm uses the Init catalogue to look for setup files. They are similar to the
ones used with xdm. In /etc/gdm/Init/Default I have
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset dpms 300 310 320

which turns off my monitor fairly quickly. If you do not like to change the
default system-file create a file called :0 or :1 depending on where you start X
, for the X-console and add whatever you like.

Sven Esbjerg

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