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Re: Real Player 7

Go to the RealPlayer7 directory, and run the three shell scripts
in that directory. Should work then. Worked for me anyhow.

Wouter Hanegraaff <wh@blub.net> wrote:
: Hi,

: I Installed REalplayer 7 using the installer, and after that I was 
: unable to start netscape anymore: only bus errors.

: So, I removed .netscape, .mime-types and .mailcap from my homedir, and
: netscape starts again. However, when I go to a site with real video, It
: sais I have no real player installed. When I look into the preferences,
: I don't see real player listed anywhere. 

: What do I have to do to make this work? Isn't it the work of the
: rvplayer installer to add the right mime types and stuff like that?

: Wouter...

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