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Re: XF86Config per user?

> I use a single workstation at home. Recently, other family members have started to use my system. The /etc/X11/XF86Config is edited by me for my preferences, but is there a way to let users decide e.g. what resolution to start their X session with. I like 1600x1200 but they might prefer say 800x600. I have read varios man-pages and FAQ:s without success.
possibly you know that, but if you did not disable it, then any user might
switch the resolution by pressing <alt>-<ctrl>-<NumKeypad + or ->.
of course, the modelines have to be present and listed in the srceen
section of xfconfig.
this does not solve the problem to _startup_ with another resolution, but
that's a question of three key presses ...
i don't think, that a normal user may have local config files for the
x-server, as it runs as root and that _could_ be really bad ...
however, there is a workaround: let the users put 
"xvidtune -next/prev" (possibly mutliple times) in their ~/.xsession or
~/.xinitrc (or however the file is named under debian).

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