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Re: Can't mount data CD burned using Windows SW

>>>>> "CB" == Chris Brown <cbrown@seitz.com> writes:
    CB> Sounds like the CDROM drive at home is having problems
    CB> physically reading the data off of the media.  This could have a
    CB> couple of causes.  Media could be one --- I have a 52x Creative
    CB> Labs CD-ROM, and it is consistenly unable to read "Dark Blue"
    CB> (ie, 8X Imation) CD-R media, but has no problems with others.  I
    CB> don't know why.  Try the burn again with a different color CD-R.
    CB> I've never had a problem with green or gold.

Turns out the problem was a bad CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM refused to read
_any_ data CD, but it was able to play audio CDs without a hitch. I
booted the system in Win95 and WinNT and it consistently refused to read
any data CDs. Again, in Win* it was able to play audio CDs without a
problem. The same data CDs were being read without any problems on my
Debian system and WinNT box at work. And my debian box at work is a bit
older than my home system.

I ended up buying a new Creative 52x unit because running a CD-cleaner
didn't change anything at all. With this new CD-ROM drive, I haven't had
any problems reading any data CDs.

The one data CD that was not being read by the 36x CD-ROM drive which
brought this problem to my attention, is a no-name dak blue CD-R. I will
soon be burning some more on similar blanks so I will see how they all

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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