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Re: Storm Linux (Debian in disguise)also Corel

Sorry.  It wasn't fair to compare Storm and Corel as I've not used
Storm.  I should have changed the subject and just said Corel have
done a good job in taking Debian and wrapping it up in a way that
can be sold in schools and offices along with WordPerfect.

The Corel installer is very good.  It never had problems with the Windows
partition when I tried it on a laptop. And it did a better job on
that laptop than I've ever managed in a year of tweaking X.  That
said, it barely ran because it has only 24 MB RAM but can't blame
anyone but myself for that:-(

The graphical front-end to apt/dselect worked fine when I tried it.

It doesn't qmatter if the move to potato breaks Corel apps.  Corel
is not Debian and if you want a Corel desktop then you have to wait
til they are ready to do upgrades.  No-one complained of Win2k beta
crashes so why should Corel be held to a higher standard?  If it
works as advertised, that's enough for most people.

The Corel lilo is a pain; I couldn't wait to get rid of it.

The keyboard maps not working for us non-US users is a pain.  It
gives a feeling that the vendor is bloody lazy.

And its the word "vendor" is part of the reason I fsck-ed Corel
after playing about with it for an evening.  I prefer the "I rolled
my own desktop" experience of the non-corporate world.

Another eason I wouldn't stick with Corel is that I don't think they
"get it" as far as open source is concerned.  Its fine that they are
porting this and that, but its not DFSG compliant.  Helix, AbiWord,
KOffice: these are the names I want to see doing well.  WP is just a
version of MS Office that hasn't sold as well.  Its the free speech
not free beer that is most important.

I hope Storm continues their good work.

Patrick Kirk

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