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Re: XF86 configuration problems

You may have to change the default resolution for the Xserver.  First
off, when you are in X, try pressing <ctrl>-<alt>-+ or
<ctrl>-<alt>--.  This should change the resolution, if the problem is
what I think it is.  If it changes, then you'll have to edit
/etc/X11/XF86Config file so that it starts at the higher resolutions.
Get back to me, if it works.


>>>>> "wah" == wah  <wah@dojo.tao.ca> writes:

    > Hi all,

    > I've had one out of two problems successfully dealt with by the
    > collective knowledge on this list, so here come some more...

    > I finally found a video card that works with XF86. I went
    > through XF86Setup, this time with no problems.

    > ...but after XF86Setup is finsished and successfully starts an x
    > server, I cant read the text because most of it is off screen. I
    > thought I could run xvidtune, but I can't choose that option,
    > because it's off screen. I tried running xvidtune from the
    > command line, but I get "cannot open display".

    > and when I reboot, the xserver starts up, and I can log in, but
    > everything is way too big! How do I solve this problem? do I
    > edit the XF86Config file?

    > Any advice greatly appreciated.

    > wah@tao.ca

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