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I screwed up and cannot boot

I moved some partitions around and now cannot boot Debian.

Previously, I had three partitions dedicated to Mandrake (/dev/hda6-8), but deleted them so I could move my Debian partitions (/dev/hda9-13) to the old Mandrake positions.

First, I changed /etc/fstab in Debian to reflect the new changes; then changed /etc/lilo.conf to reflect the new changes. Then I dumped my kernel onto a disk, rebooted into Windows and ran Partition Magic. I deleted the Mandrake partitions and then moved the Debian partitions into their new homes.

But now I cannot boot. I put in the boot disk I made, but I get kernel panic messages. I've tried booting with the Slink CD I've got, and passing boot: Linux single root=/dev/hda6 initd= but that gets me to the point of "you've got bad superblocks."

Is there any hope? I didn't back up my home directory.

Thanks for any support.


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