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Re: HELP! Install problem. How to free I/O locked by "reserve=..." in boot params?

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 09:14:27PM +0100, Bjoern Brill wrote:
> > > Have you tried to insert the wd module with parameters (io=0x280 etc.)?
> > > I think it doesn't care if resources are reserved or not in this case.
> > 
> > Hmmm, I used the "insmod wd io=0x280", and it resulted in the mentioned
> > error.
> What error? I couldn't find a verbatim error message in your previous
> postings.

Sorry, I really didn't quote it strictly. It was: "Device or resource busy"

> Some ideas about what could be wrong:
> * I suppose the WD card connects to the ISA bus (would anybody want to
> produce PCI cards with this ancient chipset?). If so, you may have to
> tell the BIOS setup the resources the WD uses. They can be taken by
> other hardware or disabeled otherwise.
> The IRQ has to be marked as "used by ISA card" or the like,
> and you have to enable "ISA shared memory" or something like that at the
> correct address (0xcc000, size 16k in my case). Look for these options in
> the "PnP BIOS Setup" (or similar) section. You may have to disable "auto
> config" before you can change or even see any of this.
> * Check your /etc/conf.modules (or /etc/modules.conf - the name keeps
> changing) for conflicting wd options.
> * Try to use modprobe instead of insmod in case the wd module requires
> other modularized stuff that doesn't get autoloaded.

Today everything started fine, without any problems. I don't know why,
maybe someone has changed the BIOS setup, and the busy resource was really
an interrupt? The failing machine is my friend's workstation which is used
by many people, mainly in Window$, so everything may happen ;-).
Anyway thanks a lot.

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