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AGP S3 Trio 3D 8MB video card


just installed this video card (AGP S3 Trio 3D 8MB) and tried to 
configure it for the X environment, but I can't find the proper sever 
for it.

This is the output from SuperProbe:

First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: S3 (chipset unknown) (Port Probed)
                Signature data: e18a1302 (please report)
        Memory:  4096 Kbytes
        RAMDAC:  Generic 8-bit pseudo-color DAC
                 (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))

which is strange as it doesn't seem to recognize the card and just sees
4MB instead of 8MB.

Which XServer should I use for it?  If this Xfree version doesn't have
support for this cards, which xserver could I safely use until I

The sistem is:

Debian 2.1
Linux 2.2.10

Please, Cc: me as I'm only on the digest list (and would like to get the
answer as soon as possible).  TIA.

Horacio					Anno MMDCCLIII aUC
homega@ciberia.es			Valencia - ESPAÑA
Key fingerprint = F4EE AE5E 2F01 0DB3 62F2  A9F4 AD31 7093 4233 7AE6

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