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Re: Kernel 2.2.14 and Xserver

> The old kernel was 2.2.12. I am currently using
> potato.
> When I go back to the old kernel I am still having the
> same problems.  I can fix all of the path statements
> by hand, but the xserver problem makes no sense since
> the files seem to be in place. The xserver starts but
> with no window-manager.  It is set to run icewm.
> Maybe my permissions got screwed up.

This is not the kernel problem but probably /etc/Xsession:

* debian/xfree86-common/Xsession:
  - remove support for /etc/X11/window-managers; virtually every window
    manager has migrated to the new alternatives method (Closes: #58224)

In order to "close" one bug, a number of new ones were introduced...

-Igor Mozetic

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