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Re: installing- last try before win98

I haven't used this method of installation but I can answer a few of your

1-  The kernel file name should be vmlinuz

the images you seem to have downloaded look like the "root" and "rescue"

2- The *.tgz file is a gzipped tar archive, so if you have a utility which
      deals with this, you can uncompress it, however, I am not sure if
      there is a DOS

utility that does this.

3- You will get a command line prompt, and no graphical installation, but
      you will have a list of options to choose from and to guide you
      through the Installation.

4- Don't waste your money on win98, because with Linux:

   You will get a powerful OS with much more features. Although it is
      harder to deal with.

   Linux being hard to deal with helps you learn more about Operating
      systems and so will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

   Linux  is an open source OS, which means you can truly dig in to your
      problems or get a more professional advice from mailing lists or the

   Linux can also be tailored to fit your needs, while windows doesn't have
      the capability to be changed.

   Think of the things you can buy instead of Windows with that money.

Think about that when making your decision

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