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Re: installing- last try before win98

Let's keep this on the list, so others can see and comment.

I don't think the old partitions are causing the problem, though I'm a
little puzzled: you say you have a new hard drive with windows 3.1, but you
also referred to windows 98.

I've been using the beta system (potato) so slink (what you have, I think)
might be a little different.  But potato is very picky about where you put
the files it's looking for.  You need to replicate the whole directory
structure for it to find things  (this may be improved before release).  So
you need something like
\mydownload\main\disks-i386, and maybe more depending on the file.

I'm assuming you downloaded the files to your hard drive under windows.
You should tell the install program that you want to get the file off your
harddisk when it asks where
to find base2_1.

Another possibility is that the file was corrupted during the download; in
particular, if it was transferred in a text mode, instead of binary, it
won't work.  The fact that you were able to get the boot floppies working
suggests that you do not have a mode problem, however.

At 12:34 PM 3/5/00 -0800, you wrote:
>ok i did make a boot floppy and got through most of the install.
>i made a linux.ext2 partition and a linux swap partition and left a
>small partition in dos. i left dos. i have a new hard drive with dos and
>windows 3.1. on it. i am using the second hard drive to try linux, but
>i left dos and windows on it because my originals are on 5 1/4 floppies
>of which i no longer have the drive installed. so i have to take my case
>off and rehook the 5 1/4 drive if something happens.
>i booted up the rescue disk and did the partitions and installs and then
>it came to installing the base system. it started running BASE2_1.TGZ.
>it stopped. it said there was an error extracting the base2_1.tgz file, and
>went back to the menu.
>could the fact that dos is in the boot sector stop the base file from
>should i just wipe out dos? i was hoping to leave it on in case of emergency.
>the files size is still 9.9 megs so i don't think the base file  was touched
>during partitioning.
>i had already compacted and run fips and had two partitions BEFORE I
>the installation files including the base.
>i am planning on booting from the floppy to start linux until i am
>if i get as proficient in linux as i am in dos i will run linux exclusively
>i hate to steal and i hate to see bill gates get richer.

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