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Re: Mutt & procmail in debian - how to configure locking of folders?

Quoting Wojciech Zabolotny (wzab@ise.pw.edu.pl):
> I just wanted to configure procmail in my system, and I'm a little afraid
> of locking problems. How should I configure the locking in procmail and
> in mutt, to avoid the destruction of mail folders when procmail delivers
> a message to the folder which is currently beeing modified by mutt.
> Is there any universal solution (I'd like to be able to access the procmail
> created folders with other MUA's eg. pine, Mozilla etc.).

I've had no problems with procmail/mutt. I think procmail tries to use
dot and kernel locking. You can certainly see it in action in a verbose
log. I think the universal solution is multiple locking methods, but
I've no idea about NFS mounts. Just remember the second : in the
recipe line i.e. typically

The combination I had problems with was imap on sunos and debian pine
after they updated imap on sunos (in 1997, when pine was still distributed
as a binary by Debian). I blamed imap and have never used it since,
preferring to run mutt locally on the sun and letting X/ssh deal with
the "remoteness".


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