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Quake all messed up


I recently installed the quake-ql amd quake stub packages on my box
(latest potatoe) and there appears to be a major screw-up somewhere!!

here's what written to the terminal I run quake-gl from

~$ quake-gl
Removing symlink ./id1
ln: cannot create symbolic link `/home/rjplus/.quake/./base/base' to
`/usr/share/games/quake/./base': Permission denied
ourbase /usr/share/games/quake/id1
basename of ourbase id1
QuakeForge (UQuake) v0.1.0
Added packfile ./base/pak0.pak (339 files)
Added packfile ./base/pak1.pak (85 files)
Playing registered version.
Console initialized.
UDP Initialized
Exe: 01:34:58 Jan 23 2000
16.0 megabyte heap
GL_VENDOR: Brian Paul

GL_VERSION: 1.2 Mesa 3.0
FindFile: can't find glquake/15to8.pal
Video mode 640x480 initialized.
CD Audio Initialized
========Quake Initialized=========
execing quake.rc
execing default.cfg
execing config.cfg
Unknown command "joybuttons"
Unknown command "_vid_default_mode"
Unknown command "_vid_wait_override"
Unknown command "vid_nopageflip"
FindFile: can't find autoexec.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
3 demo(s) in loop
Playing demo from demo1.dem.


#the Necropolis
FindFile: can't find glquake/player.ms2
meshing progs/player.mdl...
FindFile: can't find glquake/eyes.ms2
meshing progs/eyes.mdl...
FindFile: can't find /h_player.ms2
meshing progs/h_player.mdl...
FindFile: can't find glquake/gib1.ms2
meshing progs/gib1.mdl..

--- many more of these :( there is not even a glquake directory
    on my machine!!

FindFile: can't find glquake/g_shot.ms2
meshing progs/g_shot.mdl...
FindFile: can't find glquake/armor.ms2
meshing progs/armor.mdl...
FindFile: can't find glquake/g_rock.ms2
meshing progs/g_rock.mdl...
FindFile: can't find glquake/invisibl.ms2
meshing progs/invisibl.mdl...
You got the shells
You got the Grenade Launcher
You receive 25 health
You get 2 rockets  
Couldn't write config.cfg.

the last line occours when I quit.  It runs but the screen is very
dark. attempting to save a game give a permission denied error.

There are no man pages ??? What options does the program take (if any)
where are the config files stored?

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance

Roy Pluschke <rjplus@sunshine.net>

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