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Re: glibc package

Fred R <frahmanian@sourcetechcorp.com> writes:
Fred> I'm trying to install the package to upgrade the glibc 2.1.3 on my
Fred> machine but I get a message that I need to install debinnutils first. So
Fred> I tried to install that package and it tells me the I need to upgrade my
Fred> libc to >=2.1. So what do I do now? Which comes first chicken or egg?

"Yes."  This will work fine if you put them both on the same command
line, e.g. 'dpkg --install libc*.deb debianutils*.deb'.  Note that
lots of things might have explicit dependencies on the older version
of libc6, and other things might not have declared dependencies but
will break anyways with the newer libc; if you have the bandwidth and
don't mind some potential brokenness, it might be worth upgrading to
the frozen preparing-for-release "potato" distribution (if you're
using APT, change "stable" to "frozen" in /etc/apt/sources.list).

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