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Re: enlightenment control-panel?

On Sun, 20 Feb 2000, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> I just nuked my RedHat box and installed Debian.  Since I installed debian
> I've been re-installing things like Enlightenment.  I can't seem to
> find the enlightenment configuration tool though.  I checked
> enlightenment.org but no sign of it there.  

Shouldn't it be the right-mouse click?
BTW, my E related packages:
okidz:/home/okidz# dpkg -l | grep enli
ii  enlightenment   0.16.3-3       The Enlightenment Window Manager
ii  enlightenment-d 0.16.3-3       Enlightenment Window Manager Run Time
Data F
ii  enlightenment-t 0.16.3-3       Hunchback's BlueSteel theme for E

I use Brushed-Metal Tigert theme instead of the BlueSteel, due to my 8bpp
video. IMHO, BlueSteel is more cool on higer bpp.


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