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Re: debian-mirror: inconsistency

Gerhard.Kroder@data-sciences.de (Gerhard Kroder) wrote:
>i noticed  during lookup  packages for hylafax*  that  there seems to be
>some inconsistency about recent changes to file system structure and
>symlinks on debian ftp mirrors. hylafax is accessible from stable/  and
>unstable/, but stable/ still is slink and unstable/ now is woody.

That's correct, yes.

>as i use potato/  for install path  i couldn't install hylafax*.  i
>think this is not ok, though  people should access archives generally
>trough (un)stable/.

(This "should" isn't true, by the way; a lot of people prefer to track a
distribution by codename rather than by status, and the codenames exist
precisely so that they can do that.)

I'm afraid hylafax* has been removed from frozen (potato), as may well
happen to packages with release-critical bugs. See:


... for the reason.

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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