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tcgetattr i/o error(5)

Adding a SB awe64 card to Linux disabled (or just moved) my modem.
Here's what I did (modem and SB AWE64 are both pnp):

ran pnpdump with configure
    This found the SB card and assigned IRQ5, DMAs 1 & 5 and all the
proper IOs (which were uncommented per the AWE documentation/howto)

    It put my modem on IRQ9 w/ no DMA, which was uncommented.  I knew
modem was IRQ3 w/ no DMA, so I commented out IRQ9, and uncommented IRQ3.

    Running isapnp informed me of a modem conflict and failed.

    isapnp.gone has the modem uncommented properly for com2, IRQ3, but
all of the sound card resources are properly identified but commented

    I've checked documentation for PPP, isapnp, and setserial, but still
can't figure out the isapnp assignments.

    Does anyone know how to get my modem back on IRQ3, 02f8, where it's
really located, or have any ideas on which configuration files to look
at to figure out what's wrong?

Thanks for any assistance,

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