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RE: which 2.2 kernel?

On 16-Feb-2000 Micha Feigin wrote:
> I was wondering which is the stablest 2.2 kernel curently
> I am never shure if it is the even or uneven numbers ( is it 2.2.13 or
> 2.2.14 ?)
> I am using kernel 2.2.9 , is it worth the update?

with kernels the second dotted number is the stable / unstable indicator.  So
2.2 is stable (even), 2.3 is unstable (odd).  The third number is simply
revision info.  2.2.14 is the current stable kernel.  Various odds and ends
have changed, is 2.2.9 is ok with your hardware, you can stay with it.  That is
the point of stable kernels (-:

> by what name does the 2.3 kernels go? are they available under
> debian, and is it a new version after potato ( I am a bit out of date ).

kernels are not generally named, but 2.3.x is unstable and changing.  PCMCIA
for instance is not happy right now.  And the firewalling is being completely

Debian does not upload unstable kernels to the mirrors, we only ship from the
stable branch.

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