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Re: xscreensaver

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Farrer <rbf@farrer.net> writes:

    Ron> When I setup xscreensaver from gnome control center it works
    Ron> fine. Doing a "ps ux" shows it was called like so
    Ron> "xscreensaver -no-splash -timeout 15 -nice 20 -lock-mode -xrm
    Ron> *programs:?flag -ncolors 256 -cycles 3000 -size 1
    Ron> -root". However, when I try to put this in "~/.Xclients" it
    Ron> complains about *programs:?flag, -ncolors, -cycles, -size,
    Ron> and -root not being known. How can I get it so that when I
    Ron> login (xdm) xscreensaver is started automatically without
    Ron> having to go into gnome control center each time? Yes I RTFM
    Ron> for xscreensaver, but it didn't tell me much.

I use gdm and this happens automatically...

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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