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Re: too many panels in GNOME.

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Cameron Matheson wrote:

      Hey everybody,
      I'm having a little trouble with GNOME.  My power went out, so my Linux
      went down with it.  I was able to get Linux running again, but now their
      are two panels in GNOME, and it opens my Home directory twice on
      startup.  How do shut down both sessions, and make it start up with just

To kill my panels I had run the Gnome Control Center selecting the
"Startup programs" -> "List running programs", and then deleting from the
list one panel. It's the only way I had deleted the panel from my desktop,
cos' when I had killed using the 'kill' the Gnome restart again it.
Good Luck!

      Cameron Matheson
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