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Re: good identd ?

I use oident because I have IP MASQ running on the LAN here.
You can specify in a users file what the responce for every
computer must be or for the entire LAN. My point is that
it is quite fast because it doesn't do anything fancy, it 
just reads the users file and gives a responce. I have
one responce for the enrite LAN and that is FAST!

Hope this helps a bit,


At 09:27 PM 2/14/00 -0800, aphro wrote:
>anyone know a good fast, robust ident daemon ? i have been using pidentd
>but today i got mails from one of the status reporters on my systems that
>irc servers were doing in excess of 13,000 ident requests(!!) identd was
>crashed when i checked afterwards. 
>any advice would be appreciated.
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