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Re: Error when apt-getting libc6

r3ck@home.com (rick) wrote:
>Colin Watson wrote:
>> They must be a bit behind. /usr/share/doc/libc6/changelog.Debian.gz
>> (from my update today) says, when line-wrapped:
>And if you want a real chuckle check out the libc6
>release names in the changelog :-)

They're good, I have to admit :)

>Someone on deb-devel (Ithink; hope it wasn't here..) posted this.
>Add it to your bash config file and you can check out a changelog
>at the command line with e.g. 'changelog libc6'.  Very nice.
>changelog() {
>[ $# = 1 ] && lynx http://master.debian.org/cgi-bin/get-changelog\?package=$1

Very nice - didn't know about that. I prefer lynx -dump myself, but the
facility's excellent. Thanks, developers!

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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