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Re: Soundcard Configuration

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, [iso-8859-1] Ivo Alves C. Júnior wrote:

ivoacj >Hello! 
ivoacj >Some days ago I wrote to this list to get some answers to my problem, but I didn't explain it very well.
ivoacj >I installed the soundcard Soundblaster PCI64 in my Linux. Now it works, but not properly. I can play all the audio formats, but not audio CD's.
ivoacj >I'm sure that there isn't any problem with the cables from the CD drivers to the card. I'm using these drivers in Windows and I can play audio CD's in both CD drivers. I already verified the mixer and there's no mute selection enabled.
ivoacj >I still made another test. With headphones I realized that there is sound in the headphones output.
ivoacj >Did someone already have a seemed problem ? Is perhaps this problem occuring because I'm using two drivers? The soundcard supports two devices, but I don't know if a special configuration is required. 
ivoacj >Thank you!
ivoacj >

i do not think audio drivers are required for cd audio to be played(i have
had a cd playing and then reboot, and it kept playing until the scsi bus
reset)  so chances are if your piping the output from the cdrom to the cd
line in on the soundcard, the volume is all the way down. not the master
volume or the wave output put the cd volume.

check the volume settings again, it may not be muted but it may be all the
way down.  what mixer are you using?

another way to test is run a cable from the headphone jack on the cdrom to
the line in on the soundcard, if you have that kind of cable, in that case
make sure the line IN has sufficient volume.


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