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A file on my disc does not want to go out

For a while, i have a file that cannot be erased. This what I'm trying:

[0F]# ls -l
total 3.0k
-rw-------    1 33153    21935         48M Apr  1  2037
[0F]# du
6       .
[0F]# chmod 777 cache368855AF0061069.gif
chmod: cache368855AF0061069.gif: Operation not permitted
[0F]# chown root.root cache368855AF0061069.gif
chown: cache368855AF0061069.gif: Operation not permitted
[0F]# rm -f cache368855AF0061069.gif
rm: cannot unlink `cache368855AF0061069.gif': Operation not permitted

This probaly was writen when my machine crashed with Netscape 3.0 running
in. This was on slink or even before. I think e2fsck must resolv the problem
automaticaly when checking filesystem but it does not.

I'm using debian potato, e2fsprogs 1.12-4, mount 2.9t-1, kernel 2.2.14.

Version: 3.12
GCS d? s++:- a--- C+++ UL++++ P+++ L++++ E+++ W-- N+ o K- w---
O M- V- PS- PE-- Y PGP t 5 X+++ R* !tv b DI+++ D+
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