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Potato Module Maddness

On 02-Feb-2000 Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>> I'm looking for a list of all packages that are new (not only a
>> newer
>> version) in potato compared to slink. Is something like that
>> available
>> somewhere?
> Just take the Packages.gz file from slink and potato, make a list of
> the
> package names by doing something like:
> zgrep "^Package:" Packages.gz | awk '{ print $2 }'
> Once you have files containing the package names for slink and
> potato, you
> can see the lines in the second file which are not in the first one
> by
> using this little gawk-script (call it "exclude"):
Good day, good ppl of the list

Potato seems to have changed the way modules are handled somewhat
compared to slink.  I thaught I changed what ought be changed, but seem
to have it messed up somewhat.  When I now press lsmod it seems like
every module I have compiled has been loaded (most of them saying
unused), while what I really want is a full kerneld/autoclean setup
with no manually loaded modules.

Before I struggle further I'd just like to know exactly what files are
now of import, and more or less what should be in them?


E-Mail: Neilen Marais <brick@adept.co.za>
Date: 04-Feb-2000
Time: 15:42:04

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