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Re: Incoming PPP, slink

On Fri, Feb 04, 2000 at 09:02:54AM -0800, Pann McCuaig wrote
> At work I administer an ethernet network of several dozen Win95 desktops
> and a couple of Linux boxen running samba.
> I'm trying to set up incoming PPP on an up-to-date Debian slink box. The
> goal is for an employee to be able to dialup this box from her Win95
> machine at home and be a "full citizen" of the network.
> mgetty is installed, and I've followed the instructions for setting up
> incoming PPP for Win95 machines that exist in both the /usr/doc/ppp/ and
> /usr/doc/mgetty-doc/ directories.
> I can dialup and connect fine. The problem is this:
> The Win95 box sees only itself and the server---it can't reach any other
> boxes on the ethernet network. The reverse is also true---the server can
> ping the Win95 box when it's connected but none of the other boxes on
> the network (either Win95 or Linux) can ping the dialup box.
> First thought is a routing problem. Perusing the docs suggests that the
> server, through the PPP 'proxyarp' option, will "pretend" to the other
> machines on the network to be the dialup box. /var/log/ppp.log shows the
> proxyarp option "took," but nonetheless, there is no communication
> between the ppp0 and eth0 interfaces.
> Suggestions? TIA

It may be that your server is not configured to perform IP forwarding.
This is a kernel compile option.

If you're running kernel v2.2, you must also enable forwarding at run-time;
 # cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
If the answer is "0" then forwarding is disabled; you can turn it on
 # echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

It's also possible that you have IP firewall rules getting in the way.

To check your routing rules, dialin from Win95 and then try
 # traceroute <win95 ip address>
from a different box on the main LAN, and confirm that it gets at least
as far as the server you've dialled in to.


John P.
"Oh - I - you know - my job is to fear everything." - Bill Gates in Denmark

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